Allison Holt – Visiting Solicitor

About the roleI have worked with Forever Legal for two years as a visiting solicitor. My role mainly involves visiting clients taking out equity release to explain the process, go through their offer and make sure they are confident about the obligations they are undertaking and to complete all the documentation. This needs to be done with care and empathy, everyone has different circumstances that need to be taken into account and different levels of understanding and some clients can be quite vulnerable so being a people person is a definite ‘must have’ quality. A love of animals also helps as many clients have dogs and cats to chat to as well!

How do you describe what you do to your friends and familyMy average day involves preparing the packs and making sure all relevant documents are present, driving to visits, of which I do around 3/4 each day over a wide area in the North West, and then on my return finalising and returning packs, sorting out certified ID and any other supporting documentation and liaising with the office with any particular points of note. I also may need to phone clients to discuss re-offers or attend a team meeting via zoom.

What is it that you enjoy about your job the mostAlthough the process is standard, each day is different as I am with a variety of people in different areas. The best part of the job (apart from getting to pet cute cats and dogs) is this element of meeting all sorts of folk and hearing their stories.

Attir Anjum – Trainee Solicitor

About the role – It is a truly dynamic role which can change from day to day keeping work fresh, but a typical day in the Equity Release Department usually begins with responding to e-mails from Clients, Brokers and internal communication from Solicitors and Legal Assistants. In the office, there are multiple tasks that need to be carried out ranging from drafting legal documents to ensuring they are correct and complete once received back from either Client or from our vibrant team of Visiting Solicitors. As a Trainee Solicitor, all matters are closely supervised by a Senior Solicitor which enables me to grow and learn day by day.

What is it that you enjoy about your job the most – The high level of training, network of support and room for growth within the organisation.

How do you describe what you do to your friends and family – I describe the workplace to be dynamic Law firm which is rapidly growing and eager to expand into multiple areas of Law. An environment where I can exercise my knowledge of law everyday whilst learning new information from various resources provided within the firm.

What makes Forever Legal different than anywhere else you have worked – The network of support and care for each member of staff is quite different to the typical Law Firm. Everyone is treated as in individual and can raise any concerns with the Directors of Forever Legal at a moments notice due to their openness and willingness to hear everyone’s voice and opinions.

Amanda – Legal Cashier

About the role – My days vary greatly, I start each day with a team meeting where we map out tasks for the day. It’s always very busy and can be quite challenging which is just how I like it.

What is it that you enjoy about your job the most – I am a numbers girl at heart and love getting stuck into mathematical problems and reconciling figures. However I also love hearing the wonderful feedback we get from our clients and I take great satisfaction knowing I am part of a team that has given our clients the best possible service.

How do you describe what you do to your friends and family – Number crunch. I tell them I work within the finance department dealing with payments and also help the team by assisting with calls to clients and members of financial services and legal departments.

What makes Forever Legal different than anywhere else you have worked – The team at Forever Legal really do go the extra mile for our clients, we also help each other out too making it a great place to work.

Faye – Customer Service Executive at Forever Legal

About the role – It sounds cliché but no two days are the same! I spend most of my day contacting clients to arrange bookings but there’s always curveballs thrown in to keep it interesting!

What is it that you enjoy about your job the most – I really enjoy being part of a team that genuinely cares about you and what you do, this is something that definitely stands out about the company. I can always tell when speaking to clients that they feel looked after and happy with the service.

What makes Forever Legal different than anywhere else you have worked – I’ve said to friends and family that I’ve never worked anywhere with such a nice group of people and a management team that actually cares about their staff as well as the service they provide to clients.

I’m looking forward to meeting the team properly and learning a lot more about Equity Release and really getting into the role!

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We are successfully recruiting in every major city and town in England and Wales.

We pay well and offer a work life balance that has not been possible within the legal sector before benefiting everyone in the process.

Become part of our Regional Team and no day will ever be the same. You will be scheduled to meet a number of clients a day and talk them through how equity release works and to sign the appropriate documentation. After your meeting the file is sent to head office who deal with everything else… and you are ready for a new day.

Our head office is a hub of activity. We are several teams including Paralegals, Customer Service and Finance who are all contributing to give the absolute best experience and service to our clients. We are constantly growing our teams, so if you want to be part of an energetic and vibrant workplace, making strides in changing the legal market, please do get in touch with us.

Typical roles

Customer Service Executive Customer Service is the forefront of Forever Legal. It is our golden ethos to provide the best customer service within the legal market. The Customer Service team are the first point of contact with our client, and that relationship is key to our whole process. We recognise talent in individuals from all backgrounds, and we want to speak to any candidate who can show us what brilliant customer service is.

Paralegal Our Paralegal team are the hub of Forever Legal. We ensure that our contact with clients is maintained throughout the customer journey and our Paralegal’s are forefront in maintaining that. Paralegals are often completing training courses post law degrees, and as a business we fully support that and want to nurture our staff. If you feel ready to be part of our team, and progress your career in law, please do contact us.

Visiting Solicitors Our Visiting Solicitors are a crucial part of Forever Legal. We have members of this team located all over England and Wales who visit our clients in their homes. We have a variety of backgrounds within this team, you do not need to have a property or conveyancing background to perform this role. This position is attractive to those who want to achieve a work / life balance and maintain a career in law. If you are a qualified Solicitor, licence conveyancer’s (regulated by CLC) or chartered legal executive (CILEX) and looking to undertake a new challenge, then please get in touch.

Legal Cashier Our cashier team provide the ability within the business to ensure financial functions are completed safely and correctly. This team check and back check all the important financial process that ultimately enable the final payments to our clients. If detail, accuracy, patience and diligence is you, then you would be an asset to this team.

Regional Solicitors We have a team of Solicitors who all come with a strong background in property and conveyancing. The Regional team oversee our internal process’s from instruction to completion. The team are hands on and work closely with our Paralegal team to ultimately provide the most efficient service to our clients. If you have experience within a property and conveyancing and would be happy working with a guiding a more junior team, then please contact us.

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