We are clear and upfront with our fees so there are no surprises

We are clear and upfront with our fees so there are no surprises

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Throughout the process Forever Legal will we clearly explain the fees from the outset. If for any reason they are any additional cost we will always talk to you first before proceeding. We strongly believe that a clear and transparent attitude towards fees is a must. That’s why all of our fees are a set amount for tasks required and not charged by the hour or per email/letter. This way you have the comfort of knowing what you are going to pay and not be charged more if we take longer to complete the work.

Below is an example of our fees and if you want to discuss our fees before instructing us please feel call us on 0344 245 2500

The fees our firm will charge for dealing with your Equity Release are as follows: –
Our Fees£695
Sub Total£834

Client account set up and reconciliation
For account balancing and completion payments we charge a fee of £35.00 (plus VAT).
We will not make a payment to anyone else.

Land Registry documentation

We charge a fee of £15.00 (plus VAT) to obtain and review documentation from the Land Registry incidental to your equity release. The following documents and searches are included within this fee:

1. Official copy of register of title
2. Official copy title plan
3. Official copy of documents referred to in the register of title including lease (if applicable)
4. Bankruptcy search
5. Land Charges search
6. Search of index map

Transfers of ownership including assent of the property by personal representative*
We charge £375.00 plus VAT in cases where a transfer of property ownership is required.
*This does not include fees associated with applying for grant of representation

Unregistered Property
We charge £375.00 plus VAT in cases where first registration of the property is required.

Other Occupier(s)
We charge £35.00 plus VAT if we are required to write to any other occupier at the property.

Additional Charges
We reserve the right to charge additional fees as stated below, plus VAT, for dealing with any of the following:

  • £175.00 for Leasehold properties.
  • £100.00 for dealing with charge registered on property title.
  • £175.00 for removal of historic charges.
  • £175.00 for issues relating to the removal of cautions, restrictions, notices and similar interests registered against your property title.
  • £225.00 where this is a shortfall of over £2,000.00 between the amount being borrowed and any amount outstanding under a present mortgage secured against your property.
  • £175.00 for cases where solar panels are present at the property.
  • £425.00 for cases where a Deed of Variation is required for solar panels at the property.
  • £175.00 for repeat appointments, when required due to changes by client only.
  • £375.00 for dealing with a Power of Attorney.
  • £375.00 for dealing with Buy to Let property.
  • £75.00 for amendments to property title.
  • £75.00 for removal of a deceased owner from co-owned property (where property held as joint tenants).

Additional Charges on a case by case basis
We reserve the right to charge additional fees where there are occurrences of the below. These are charged on a case by case basis and you will be informed in writing of these before any work is carried out:

  • Matrimonial affairs where we are required to correspond with solicitors or other representatives or associated parties in relation to previous or ongoing matrimonial proceedings which affect your property ownership.
  • Deed of Variation.
  • Lease extensions.
  • Freehold purchases.
  • Adverse possession applications.
  • Transfer of part of title.

We may have to pay out for expenses (we call them disbursements) on your behalf, this may include but is not limited to Land Registry registration fees, property searches. We shall advise you if this is relevant during your transaction together with any costs.

Indemnity policies
It may be the case that an issue arises relating to a defect in the legal title or you may be unable to provide relevant documentation such as planning permission or building regulation approval for works undertaken at the property. In this case you may be asked to provide indemnity insurance for the benefit of the lender. This will be a one-off payment payable on completion. We shall advise you if this is relevant during your transaction together with any costs.

We charge a fee of £25.00 administration fee for this service.

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It is a truly dynamic role which can change from day to day keeping work fresh which enables me to grow and learn.

Staff testimonial

Good loyal company to work for who supports their staff.

Staff testimonial

I’ve worked at Forever legal since its inception and watched it grow to become the great company it is today

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Forever Legal gave Mr and Mrs Jones the chance to Experience new things by releasing the equity in their Home they can now travel to visit their extended Family around the world.

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We would like to say thank you for dealing with our Equity Release process and making it so easy for us to understand (as it is quite difficult for us Oldies)

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We can rest easy knowing our family are taken care of and can watch them enjoying their lives

Client testimonial

Put us at ease, very informative. They prepared us for the meeting letting us know which docuents we would need beforehand.

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The whole process has been painless, a definite 9 out of 10 from us!

Striving to be different in the legal sector by making customers real and not just another case number.