Forever Legal gave Mr and Mrs Jones the chance to experience new things by releasing the equity in their home they can now travel to visit their extended family around the world.

What we did

When Mr and Mrs Jones contacted us to release the equity from their home the first thing we did was talk them through the process and explain which documents they would need to have to hand when our Solicitor visited them to provide the advice. Once we have had the initial phone call, we continue to speak to the client on a regular basis and keep them informed.
On receipt of the mortgage offer the appointment is booked for the Solicitor to visit we check all the details are correct and proceed to completion. Once completed and approved the funds are released into the home owners account.

Mr and Mrs Jones said

We decided to go for equity release to enable us to enjoy our retirement and do all the things we never had the money to do. Our children are all grown up and have both moved to live and work in other countries! We are really impressed with how smoothly everything went. Forever Legal kept us informed every step of the way and the process was really easy with their help. We are now planning our trip to visit both children and their own families in Australia, we really can’t wait as apart from video calls we haven’t seen them for 5 years. With Equity release we can visit them every other year and also enjoy cruises and holidays that we wouldn’t of considered doing before.